Our Mission

07p     To provide families and interested professionals with Neurological, Educational, and Developmental information regarding learning and the brain.


     To assist adults and children with individualized programs that will enable them to come closer to reaching their full potential.


     To recognize the God given role and responsibility that parents play in their child's life, and in so doing, to respectfully support each family's unique belief and value system.


     To provide open and full information to each family about activities, methodologies, and products so that they can make informed decisions regarding the appropriateness (or lack thereof) for use within their  own family.


     To continue researching, collaborating, and training in methods to add further knowledge in the ongoing quest to allow every person the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

CAN-DO provides  information and services to all people,  regardless of creed, color, religious belief etc. But at the same time we acknowledge that God is the creator of  all things,  including the brain, and that  with God, all things are possible.  We also recognize that to the extent that He has gifted us with the ability to help people learn more efficiently and to positively affect development, all praise and glory must go to Him.