Communicating Partners
Communicating Partners is a clinical and educational resource center for families and professionals responsible for Late Talking Children. Its services are based on the ECO communication programs developed at the Ohio State University by Dr. James MacDonald and students from 1971-1995. Its primary mission is to inform parents and professionals of the many successes that parents can have in helping their children socialize and communicate. The center focuses on the essential role that parent-child communication plays in the successful development of children with Autism, PDD, Down Syndrome, Attention disorders and other delaying conditions.

Einstein Syndrome
This site is brought to you by moms who are changing the face of Down Syndrome. Here you will find hope and help from moms who have been there, as well as an active mailing list.

NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network - A national support group for families homeschooling special needs children

PREACCH email support list
PREACCH is a fellowship of "Parents Rearing and Educating Autistic Children in Christian Homes".  Jill Bond's family founded this group more  than five years ago and published a newsletter --- they have stopped the newsletter and have switched to this e-mail format.

SAMONAS Sound Therapy
Samonas Sound Therapy is a highly technical system developed by Ingo Steinbach. It is used by neurodevelopmentalists to address hypersensitivity to sound, auditory tonal and sequential processing, behavioral and tactile issues.